Photography dark Project

❄️Winter Frost❄️ My model Adrienne has some left over mint through the top from a previous blue. We’ve exhausted removal methods and are now just neutralizing with light pink each time. It’s crazy – but the second we apply the pink, the mint turns lavender. THANK GOODNESS. Lol. It doesn’t last forever but it’s super gentle and effective!
Regrowth: @nirvelprofessional_official in purple
Mid area of the top: @arcticfoxhaircolor in Sterling
Ends of top area: @oligopro Funk Hue in Bon Bon
Underneath area: random pattern of @oligopro Blue, Fushia and @matrixSoCult Admiral Blue.@brazilianbondbuilder added to each bowl. #b3 #b3disruptors#funkfam #funkhue #pinkhair#bluehair #lavenderhair #purplehair#behindthechair